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The first thing I noticed when meeting Paul was his gentle approach a balance of warmth and professionalism, you very quickly loses any anxious feelings you may have had.

Paul helped me with my fear of flight. After having a meltdown on my first ever flight with eye shut all the way. After one session I was able to take a 4 hour flight to Morocco and whilst I was a little nervous.. I felt able to take photos from the window and enjoyed the flight.

I saw Paul again a few weeks ago as I had a big operation that would leave me diabetic. My fear of needles was such that I could not bear to see a picture of one. Paul helped me to relax and by the end of the session I was holding a needle.
I am now post- operative and injecting my insulin daily. I still do not like needles in general, but the fear has gone.

I cannot thank Paul enough he has helped me to overcome fears and phobias and that has been life changing.

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