14th January 2017

Weight loss? Money loss

Just after Christmas is one of the most frustrating times of year for me as all the diet programmes and products that are designed to fail […]
9th March 2017
Hypnotherapy Norwich London Mind Success

Your Behaviour is not your Own!

So where did it go wrong? Are we really everything of who we are? Did we have a choice in our current behaviours, good or bad? […]
9th April 2017
Hypnotherapy Norwich London Mind Success

The Masks we Wear

Everyone wears a mask, either to protect themselves from society or to protect society from themselves. How many people hide misery and pain behind a smile […]
30th May 2017
Hypnotherapy Norwich London Mind Success

Stress Induced Infertility

So you’ve been trying to get pregnant for what seems like an eternity. You’ve synchronised watches to see when the most fertile time is and you […]
9th June 2017
Hypnotherapy Norwich London Mind Success

How hypnosis can heal your subconscious

The subconscious mind is a fascinating thing. According to Freud, it’s where feelings, thoughts, memories and urges dwell outside of one’s conscious awareness. Much of our […]
16th July 2017
Hypnotherapy Norwich London Mind Success

How Sugar Affects the Brain

Sugar is sweet indeed, but it’s a lot more harmful than you know! These days, sugar is part of just about everybody’s diet and it’s a […]
13th August 2017
Self esteem

The Value of Value

Do you know the value of your self-worth? Probably not, which is why so many people are so unhappy with themselves. Self-worth is key to true […]
1st September 2017

The Real Problem with Stress

The Real Problem With Stress It’s amazing to think just how much we downplay stress. We use it as an excuse for everything these days, which […]
19th September 2017

The Brain Driven Pain Experience

Chronic pain is a condition that impacts your life in every way. Things that were normal tasks now become painful experiences that prevents you from getting […]
19th October 2017
Power pose

The Pose of Power!

How would you like to reduce your stress levels, boost your confidence, alleviate your anxiety and feel more powerful – all under two minutes? You might […]