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It’s been amazing!  I haven’t had a twinge of acid since the session.  I’ve been able to eat some foods that were on the banned list without any worries whatsoever.  Thank you!  I have this deep seated feeling that this is the way forward and that a lot of the old stuff is settled.

I did have a bit of an odd night following that session – firstly, I was awake in the wee small hours and my body just jolted so fiercely I couldn’t believe it.  It was like when you are falling asleep and then you jolt awake.  But this was MEGA!  I was completely awake when it happened.  Then, a few minutes later my brain seemed to do a reboot.  I was just thinking about random stuff (as you do at that time of night) and then BOOM, my mind suddenly went blank – like a slate being cleaned.  I couldn’t remember what I’d been thinking about, and then I felt really calm and settled.  Weird.  I’ve felt great ever since.  I can’t thank you enough.

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