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Client Testimonials

I’ve put a selection of testimonials below that I’ve received from my satisfied clients. These testimonials have been sent to me without prompting as I do not like to ask my clients for them as I feel I am there for them, not the other way around!

Please take a moment to read them to see how happy my clients are and keep checking back as I’ll be adding more when they come in!

If, whilst you’re reading any of these, you get the feeling that you would like to see me then please get in touch so we can have a talk. I’d be delighted to talk more with you about what I do and how I can help you.

Please use the contact form at the top or bottom of the page so we can discuss how to reach your goals!


    I had been a smoker for many, many years. Since Christmas, however, the addiction had become heavier . . .  I had tried to give up on numerous occasions, and even though I did throughout each of my pregnancies it was because i was doing it for someone else!! I never seemed to have the willpower to stop for my own benefit!! When i met Paul i explained all this and just how badly I did want to stop. I had the pleasure and privilege to be hypnotised by Paul last Monday, and I am delighted to be able to say that i am now a non smoker :)!!!!! I have always been quite sceptical of hypnosis, but Paul made the session easy and relaxing and I felt confident almost straight away that he was going to succeed!! To go from 15+ ciggies a day to zero makes me feel so proud and happy, not to mention healthier! Not only has he helped me with that addiction, but he has also cured me of my ridiculous fear of elastic bands after a session last night!! A silly fear that has plagued my life for years has finally gone, and its thanks to you Paul 🙂 . . . I am more than grateful!! There are also a couple of other fears that I have told him about that he will be helping me get over soon too!! Thankyou Paul . . . you know I am more than a satisfied client!!

    Emma, Norwich


    Giving up smoking was easier said than done for me. I had tried everything, nicorette gum, E cigarettes, even going cold turkey however nothing seemed to work. I guess i never had the will power to stop. I work with paul and i would often talk to him about how i wanted to give up smoking so he offered to hypnotise me. I was unsure at first as i didn’t think it was going to work. I took the bull by the horns and gave it a go and with that one session i’m glad to say i am now a non smoker and i have been for 1 year and 3 months thanks to paul. Paul made my session of hypnosis very relaxing and comfortable. I am so happy that paul has helped me and proud of myself knowing that i have a healthier lifestyle. I really can’t thank paul enough for helping me with my addiction. Thankyou paul.


    7 years ago I had a car accident which has caused me immense pain in and around my neck. The doctors said I had muscle and ligament damage. I was told I would need stretches daily for the rest of my life, some antidepressants to release the tension and private osteopath treatments which were ongoing which I couldn’t afford. I was having time off work and becoming very low. I had one session of hypnotherapy with Paul after suffering repeated pain from the whiplash injuries. I found the treatment to be very effective and extremely relaxing! Despite seeing a hypnotherapist before I now know that I wasn’t hypnotised as the feeling of hypnosis with Paul was wonderful! I was able to relax and unwind and this really helped to release the tension in my neck and shoulders for the first time in 7 years!. A very professional therapist and well worth a try, and this is coming from an absolute sceptic

    Fiah, Norwich

    Dwarf Phobia

    I suffered from a dreadful fear of dwarfs (little people) for many years, most people found this funny but it affected my life in many ways,I was so fearful of encountering these persons almost every day on transport and even in my place of work on holidays almost everywhere i went and no logic could make it easier as Ive said most thought it funny. I was hypnotisied twice before by a person not in this county and in fact it made my fear worse i would have panic attacks if i encountered my fear. Paul Gibson offered to try to help me and with one session I have overcome a fear I have had since childhood. I have encountered little people since this session and have not only not been afraid but have had a conversation with them. I will never be able to thank Paul enough and he takes it in his stride as being not a big deal but it is I have no fear anymore and can live a normal life. I have even been looking at taking my granddaughter to Lapland in the future to the village of santa that was only ever a dream before.Once again thankyou Paul it is lovely to go through life without fear and it is only because of you

    Maria, Gt Yarmouth

    Excess Sweating

    For years I’ve suffered with excess sweating when in any situation where the focus is on me or I’m nervous, like giving a presentation or being around new people. This was really affecting my job as my job involved a lot of presentations and meeting new people! My mum has had hypnosis before so I thought I would give it a try. I don’t know how Paul did it but after one session I felt more confident and was able to lead a normal life without excess sweating, he even stuck my hand to my leg which I thought was brilliant!

    Matt, London

    Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme

    I needed to lose weight so I got in touch with Paul knowing that I wanted to go on the Virtual Gastric Band programme. On the first session what really struck me was the passion and enthusiasm that came across from Paul. His knowledge of the programme, hypnosis and weight problems really impressed me. His approach made me feel so at ease and filled me with confidence and he really listened to what I was saying.The programme is so thorough and Paul emphasises the need for healthy, safe and long lasting weight loss success. What really impressed me is that Paul also got rid of my knee pain for me! I’d been suffering with progressive knee pain for many years which prevented me from doing as much exercise as I would like, but somehow the pain disappeared after the first session, I still don’t know how he did it!
    After a few weeks I went back for the fourth session. Paul recognised that I’d been on high dose steroid inhalers for asthma / breathing problems for more years than I care to imagine and the steroids would be affecting my metabolism and the hunger signals from my stomach. After the fourth session I never needed to use the inhalers again! I just woke up the next day breathing normally, I was told that I would need inhalers the rest of my life but obviously that information was incorrect!
    I can’t thank Paul enough for all that he has done for me. I’m losing weight, have no knee pain and I’m off my inhalers. Pauls knowledge extends beyond hypnosis and this, coupled with his friendly and professional approach makes me understand how he gets results where others have failed.
    I cannot recommend Paul highly enough!

    Vivian, Norwich

    Psoriasis – with Intrusive Thoughts OCD

    I received a recommendation to contact Paul to discuss my Psoriasis from my Nurse. I have suffered with Psoriasis since the age of 8 and since 15 have had Pustular Psoriasis with periods of hospitalisation. I have had many different treatments none of which have proved completely successful . I decided I had nothing to lose in giving hypnotherapy a chance and I am so so glad I did. I was initially quite nervous however Paul immediately put me at my ease. We did some exploration work on the root cause of my psoriasis and agreed with my subconscious a new way to deal with the stresses than can cause a skin flare. Whilst working on my Psoriasis Paul also helped me work through my intrusive thought OCD and even helped my spider phobia that I have had since I was a child.
    I urge anyone to give Paul a try it has improved my life and helped me learn how to relax which is something I have always struggled with. I will always be grateful to Paul for all he has done for me, and would recommend him highly.
    Thanks for everything Paul.

    Siobhan, Norwich


    I’d been suffering from depression for 17 years resulting in various medications and counselling when finally I decided I’d had enough of the constant misery, mood swings, waiting for bad things to happens and feeling of hopelessness that occupied my every waking moment. I turned to Paul as felt conventional treatment was getting me nowhere and nobody wanted to listen. Well Paul did listen and I wish I’d done this years ago after just three sessions I’m the person I was over 17 years ago I can’t describe what Paul has done for me he has given me my life back and so much more, so many people have commented on how different I am, I feel so free and light without that huge burden on my shoulders and happy beyond my wildest dreams. I was hoping to feel a little better but this has surpassed that and I strongly urge anybody suffering to do this. I can never repay Paul for truly saving my life.

    Sarah, London

    Weight loss

    I have struggled with weight and overeating issues for over 30 years, eating compulsively to numb feelings, and using food as a comfort. I had become a hermit, avoiding social situations, relationships, exercise, and applying for jobs because of how badly I felt about myself both physically and emotionally.
    I also have an underactive thyroid and I chose Paul over other hypnotherapists because of his knowledge and experience of working with auto immune disorders.
    After only 3 sessions I am delighted to say that I am steadily losing weight without effort and the biggest change has been that I no longer have the daily struggle with food. I eat only when I am hungry and I naturally make good food choices without feeling deprived.
    I am excited about moving forward with my new found confidence and making up for all those lost years.
    In my second session I asked Paul if we could address my inability to stick to things, finding it easier to give up than finish them. The way that Paul integrated this into the session is a testimony to his flexibility and expertise. Days later I was able to make a life changing decision that would alter the course of my working life.
    Paul is professional, passionate and personable, with a refreshingly honest approach to his work that is tailor made to an individual’s needs. He cares deeply about enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives and his commitment to this is impressive.

    Linda, Norwich

    Hashimotos Disease (immune system attack on the thyroid gland)

    I didn’t really know what to expect from my hypnosis with Paul but I must say that I was extremely impressed! I have had hashimotos disease for years and hadn’t really had much improvement in my health for a while. But after three sessions I had a break through and ever since I have felt lighter, more energetic and happier. Paul makes you feel very relaxed and at ease and seems to really love what he does. I have had hypnosis before but not like this! He helped me access a part of my subconscious that had some past trauma that I didn’t realise was still effecting me so much. I have since recommended several other people for a variety of reasons and they have all also had wonderful success. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Gemma, Norwich

    Hormone Production

    Just one session from Paul was all that was needed to get a big benefit to my low testosterone problem. I won’t tell you here how the improvement manifested, suffice to say that this man knows what he is doing! Very friendly guy who loves what he does and obviously cares about people. I found the techniques he used with me to be fascinating and I must admit at one point to being truly shocked at how powerful they can be! Cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience and I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for the best results from their hypnosis

    Ian, Norwich

    Childhood Trauma

    Ok, so me being a total skeptic . . .  I was petrified of even the mere thought of being hypnotised UNTIL I met Paul!! It had never entered my head, especially being brought up in a devout religious household!! This was a big No No! Reaching the ripe old age of 32 (!) I decided I needed to take control and seek out alternative ways of healing other than pills that the doctors are happy to continue to shove down your throat!
    Paul’s name was brought up in conversation with my PT and after a bit of gentle persuasion, I had a long chat with Paul on the phone . . This led to booking THE appointment.
    Meeting Paul for the first time was a bit of a scary thought…but once we began talking, Paul quickly put my mind at rest about the whole “stage hypnosis” thing that I had in my mind and assured me that this is NOT what he does.. I relaxed once I realised I was not going to walk out of his room barking like a dog or dancing like a chicken, I felt so comfortable and the first time I sat in the big comfy chair, I knew this was a great decision! This led to an awesome first session where I realised that I was in TOTAL control of my mind and my actions and that ‘being under’ was in no way scary or weird . . . It felt like I was at one with myself and I was in my own secret world that nobody else could enter . . . Here I could sort out problems, heal the pain from the past and move forward in a strong and positive manner.
    I had two more sessions with Paul after my initial one and felt just as fantastic as I did after the first . . . Paul’s approach is calm, accurate and he definitely knows his stuff!! He is a highly intelligent, skilled hypnotherapist with a good sense of humour (always needed) which led to some thought provoking conversations.
    So, If you are reading this because you are not sure… Heed my advice.. Just give it a go… One session, it’s worth it’s weight in gold, believe me, the skeptic!! You won’t look back.
    Thank you Paul for believing in me, trying new approaches, working with me and gently guiding me through my own mindful journey!! I will be back to conquer my fear of flying very soon!! In July!

    Linda, Norwich

    Alopecia Universalis

    I’ve suffered total hair loss through alopecia, I’ve had no more than three hairs on my body at one point since it began three years ago . . .
    Paul had hair growing back on my head and face within 2 days of our first session… Three sessions and four weeks later. I’ve got at least a hundred fine white hairs on my head and around 30 scattered elsewhere. It seems to be growing again . .
    I also feel STRONGER and BETTER . . . I can never thank Paul enough

    Matthew, Ipswich

    Alopecia Areata

    I’ve had Alopecia Areata for almost 15 years and it had been getting steadily worse over time. Prior to my sessions with Paul I had tried a number of treatments to absolutely no avail.
    During the sessions with Paul we dealt with a number of issues from the past which were clearly still causing me stress. I feel entirely liberated from these issues and feel that I have moved on and left the stress behind. Consequently for the first time in 15 years I am experiencing significant hair regrowth in the space of only 6 weeks.
    This is a fabulous treatment! Paul has given me back my hair and simultaneously dealt the chronic low-level stress with which I have been living for so many years. Win win!! I genuinely feel like a calmer, happier and more confident person and am totally ecstatic at the return of my hair. I can’t wait to ditch the wig!
    I extend my most heartfelt gratitude to Paul for what he has done to help me, and I feel I’ve learned so much about the way the subconscious works into the bargain!

    Sue, Norwich


    Hi Paul, I hope you’re keeping well. I just wanted to get in touch to let you know that following on from the successes during your alopecia hypnotherapy trial, my hair continued to grow and has now fully recovered. For the first time in 11 years I have my curls back and I look like me again! My wigs are back in their box and I honestly can’t thank you enough for setting me on the path to getting all of this fixed. All the best

    Jane, Norwich

    Multiple skin problems since birth

    Some positive experiences of me having Hypnotherapy are that right from our first session, I have slept so much better, I wake feeling refreshed, not as sluggish or tired all the time.
    I feel I have spoken about and started to deal with things I didn’t realise were an issue and am starting to clear my head.
    I leave each and every session feeling positive and optimistic.
    My health is making improvements, from having regular (I am talking weekly) problems, such as Shingles, Impetigo and Ear, Nose and Throat problems, which I believe are stress related. I have now gone months, dealing with very stressful situations, without any sign of these occurring.
    My skin is making slow improvements, but overall my outlook on my skin, body and life has become so much more positive.
    I never knew what to expect when Hypnotherapy was suggested to me, but I am so glad I did it

    D, Norwich


    After nearly thirty years of experiencing very bad panic attacks when driving or travelling anywhere out of my comfort zone. A friend suggested I contact Paul and see if there was anything that he could possibly do to help.
    Amazingly after just two sessions of treatment, being a combination of hypnosis and tapping techniques, I have been able to drive much further distances than I ever imagined possible. It has in many ways been life changing and I now realise how debilitating my anxiety has been.
    Thank you Paul for all your help

    J, London

    Dental anxiety

    I had two sessions with Paul to overcome a tooth phobia I’ve had since a child. I was quite apprehensive before my first appointment but was made to feel at total ease and could feel the benefit after my first session. I returned for the second for that extra reassurance and now a month on it’s completely altered my mentality on dental work and visual triggers that once upon a time would’ve made me pass out. So much so I have booked to have a wisdom tooth removed which I never thought I would be able to do. Highly recommend. Thanks again Paul!

    Hannah, Norwich

    Needle phobia

    I would rather give birth again than have a dentist put a needle in my mouth’, that’s what I used to say and I meant it.  My visits over the last 20+ years to the dentist few and far between.  Last February I was advised I needed a crown.
    Classed as a ’nervous patient’ my dentist knew there was no way I would have the procedure due to my fear of needles. She suggested hypnotherapy.
    Enter Paul Gibson, Hypnotherapist.  To be honest I was a little nervous, I knew nothing about hypnotherapy other than what had been made for TV.
    It took one session with Paul, who quite simply found out why I had this fear and then treated me for it.
    The day of the crown procedure rolls round.  I had no problems with the needle whatsoever! In fact, I had to be numbed a second time during the procedure…and never hesitated!  My dentist, Hana, kept saying ‘it’s like you are a different person, everything about you is different…your body language, you are smiling’
    I would like to thank Paul for helping me to face and overcome one of my biggest fears.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to help you overcome your fears and phobias no matter what they are.
    Kadifa 'I'm not scared of needles anymore' Jones, London

    Chronic Pain

    After having knee pain for a number of years and having 6 months of physio, I had resigned myself that they would never be much better or free from pain. Last week I tried a new pain elimination procedure with Paul and can’t believe that in such a short time I was pain free.
    Thank you!

    Carol, Norwich

    Chronic Pain

    For the last 6 months following an injury I have had pain in my foot and ankle as well as a long standing knee Injury. I have tried all pain relief and had some physio but seemed to progress to the same point and found myself accepting this was the best it would be. Today I tried a new pain elimination technique with Paul and have found myself with no pain at all, I am amazed at how quick and simple it was to become pain free

    Kerry, Norwich

    Back pain

    I have had backache for a long time and a 5 minute session has treated it. No side effects and it hasn’t returned

    Dr E Tan

    Chronic pain

    I visited Paul regarding arthritis in my hands which was making it impossible for me to pick up my young grandchildren. I felt comfortable and confident with him with the first handshake, and even more comfortable and confident with the last where my pain was reduced from an 8/10 to a 2/10! I am the first to admit my scepticism in trying a pain relief that didn’t involve ‘modern’ medicine, but I think that has only strengthened my resolve in this form of pain management. I cannot believe how quickly and accurately Paul was able to help train my pain and reduce its negative effects on my day-to-day life.

    Catherine Leal, USA

    Chronic pain

    Well what can I say. My 15 year old daughter had suffered severe pain for 3 years and was under Specialists, poked, prodded, had an operation and still no diagnosis. I cannot tell you how many days were lost at school as well as not being able to function like every other Teenage girl. Enter Paul Gibson via Skype. After a short but in depth consultation, the Old Pain to Go method was employed and 15-20 minutes later my daughter was in tears (of joy) as her pain was gone. We cannot thank Paul enough. Spread the word

    Mark Carter, UK

    Chronic pain

    I have been off work since Oct 2016 with debilitating back pain. Despite seeing several specialists and numerous investigations and undergoing several procedures – they transferred me to the ‘pain management’ department – to learn to live with and manage my pain.
    I am pleased to say that after doing some research I decided to have an appointment with Paul. He was excellent, no pressure, no rushing and made me feel totally at ease. After one session and me keeping up the regular relaxation techniques Paul taught me, I have improved so much. I can’t thank Paul enough & would recommend anyone to have an appointment with him. I feel like a new person and although I knew it wasn’t going to be an instant fix, I can’t believe how much I have improved within a week. Thank you so much Paul

    Jo Piper, Norwich

    Anxiety and weight loss

    I just wanted to write to say a massive thank you for your help in the summer. I honestly feel free of anxiety for the first time in my adult life, and it’s so liberating.  I’ve take on my new job, and feel so much more confident. I even did an assembly today to 400 students and I barely felt the nerves. In the past I’d have been a gibbering wreck! I’ve also lost two stone and have taken up running. I never saw that one coming!! I am so grateful for you equipping me with the skills to have a word with my subconscious and tell it to sort itself out!!”

    You are a legend!

    Thank you again.

    Katy, Norwich

    Embracing the Present

    Hi Paul, I know it’s been a few weeks since my last appointment with you and I said yes I’d let you know how I was getting on. I am so grateful to you as I continue to feel so positive and can enjoy life. It has been truly life changing! Not that I doubted your skills but I doubted myself in being able to change. I even have a new job starting in just over a week. The old me would have continued in the same place however my mindset now is; if things are changing then I have to! I understand another of my friends has been to see you (not the one previously mentioned), she was equally impressed. Once again, I sincerely thank you.

    Penelope, London

    10 years of Acid Reflux

    It’s been amazing!  I haven’t had a twinge of acid since the session.  I’ve been able to eat some foods that were on the banned list without any worries whatsoever.  Thank you!  I have this deep seated feeling that this is the way forward and that a lot of the old stuff is settled.

    I did have a bit of an odd night following that session – firstly, I was awake in the wee small hours and my body just jolted so fiercely I couldn’t believe it.  It was like when you are falling asleep and then you jolt awake.  But this was MEGA!  I was completely awake when it happened.  Then, a few minutes later my brain seemed to do a reboot.  I was just thinking about random stuff (as you do at that time of night) and then BOOM, my mind suddenly went blank – like a slate being cleaned.  I couldn’t remember what I’d been thinking about, and then I felt really calm and settled.  Weird.  I’ve felt great ever since.  I can’t thank you enough.

    Diane, Norwich

    Medical Phobia

    The first thing I noticed when meeting Paul was his gentle approach a balance of warmth and professionalism, you very quickly loses any anxious feelings you may have had.

    Paul helped me with my fear of flight. After having a meltdown on my first ever flight with eye shut all the way. After one session I was able to take a 4 hour flight to Morocco and whilst I was a little nervous.. I felt able to take photos from the window and enjoyed the flight.

    I saw Paul again a few weeks ago as I had a big operation that would leave me diabetic. My fear of needles was such that I could not bear to see a picture of one. Paul helped me to relax and by the end of the session I was holding a needle.
    I am now post- operative and injecting my insulin daily. I still do not like needles in general, but the fear has gone.

    I cannot thank Paul enough he has helped me to overcome fears and phobias and that has been life changing.

    Tracy, Norwich

    Thank you so Much!

    I’ve also lost two stone and have taken up running. I never saw that one coming!! I am so grateful for you equipping me with the skills to have a word with my subconscious and tell it to sort itself out!!”

    You are a legend!

    Thank you again.

    Eva, London

    *Please note that, although theses testimonials are true and accurate, results can vary from person to person depending on many influencing factors

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