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I suffered from a dreadful fear of dwarfs (little people) for many years, most people found this funny but it affected my life in many ways,I was so fearful of encountering these persons almost every day on transport and even in my place of work on holidays almost everywhere i went and no logic could make it easier as Ive said most thought it funny. I was hypnotisied twice before by a person not in this county and in fact it made my fear worse i would have panic attacks if i encountered my fear. Paul Gibson offered to try to help me and with one session I have overcome a fear I have had since childhood. I have encountered little people since this session and have not only not been afraid but have had a conversation with them. I will never be able to thank Paul enough and he takes it in his stride as being not a big deal but it is I have no fear anymore and can live a normal life. I have even been looking at taking my granddaughter to Lapland in the future to the village of santa that was only ever a dream before.Once again thankyou Paul it is lovely to go through life without fear and it is only because of you

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