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7 years ago I had a car accident which has caused me immense pain in and around my neck. The doctors said I had muscle and ligament damage. I was told I would need stretches daily for the rest of my life, some antidepressants to release the tension and private osteopath treatments which were ongoing which I couldn’t afford. I was having time off work and becoming very low. I had one session of hypnotherapy with Paul after suffering repeated pain from the whiplash injuries. I found the treatment to be very effective and extremely relaxing! Despite seeing a hypnotherapist before I now know that I wasn’t hypnotised as the feeling of hypnosis with Paul was wonderful! I was able to relax and unwind and this really helped to release the tension in my neck and shoulders for the first time in 7 years!. A very professional therapist and well worth a try, and this is coming from an absolute sceptic

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