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Do I Offer the HypnoJab?

No, I do not offer the “HypnoJab.” However, I am committed to providing high-quality hypnotherapy that supports long-term change and well-being beyond quick fixes or trendy techniques.

Hypnosis, when used effectively, utilizes the power of the imagination to evoke real and lasting change in our behavior and our physical responses. This psychological method taps into the subconscious, allowing us to alter deeply ingrained habits, such as those related to eating. In my practice, the focus is on creating sustainable change that stands the test of time, not just on providing immediate but temporary solutions.

It’s important to address that while innovative methods like the HypnoJab can capture the imagination and offer hope of quick results, they might not suit everyone. The approach I use in my therapy sessions is tailored to each individual, considering their unique life experiences and needs. This includes a thorough understanding of any underlying issues that may contribute to weight gain, such as emotional or psychological trauma. For instance, someone might find themselves eating excessively or choosing unhealthy foods as a way to cope with unresolved feelings stemming from past events. Addressing such traumas can lead to profound and enduring changes in eating habits and overall health.

Moreover, certain medical conditions can also affect weight, including hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders, and others. Recognizing and understanding these can be crucial in formulating an effective treatment plan. In my sessions, we explore these dimensions to ensure that the hypnotherapy provided aligns well with medical insights and treatments prescribed by healthcare professionals.


As an experienced therapist, my goal is to foster an environment of support and motivation. I believe in empowering my clients by helping them harness their own inner resources to achieve their goals. This is done through a compassionate and knowledgeable approach that builds resilience and self-efficacy.

While the HypnoJab and similar methods may offer an appealing shortcut, the therapy I provide is grounded in proven psychological principles that promote lasting wellness and personal growth. My focus is on delivering therapeutic solutions that genuinely enrich the lives of my clients, rather than on transient trends.

In conclusion, while I respect all innovative approaches in the field of hypnotherapy, my practice is centered around providing comprehensive, evidence-based, and personalized therapy. This ensures not only immediate relief but also a sustainable transformation that helps individuals lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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