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I have struggled with weight and overeating issues for over 30 years, eating compulsively to numb feelings, and using food as a comfort. I had become a hermit, avoiding social situations, relationships, exercise, and applying for jobs because of how badly I felt about myself both physically and emotionally.
I also have an underactive thyroid and I chose Paul over other hypnotherapists because of his knowledge and experience of working with auto immune disorders.
After only 3 sessions I am delighted to say that I am steadily losing weight without effort and the biggest change has been that I no longer have the daily struggle with food. I eat only when I am hungry and I naturally make good food choices without feeling deprived.
I am excited about moving forward with my new found confidence and making up for all those lost years.
In my second session I asked Paul if we could address my inability to stick to things, finding it easier to give up than finish them. The way that Paul integrated this into the session is a testimony to his flexibility and expertise. Days later I was able to make a life changing decision that would alter the course of my working life.
Paul is professional, passionate and personable, with a refreshingly honest approach to his work that is tailor made to an individual’s needs. He cares deeply about enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives and his commitment to this is impressive.

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