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I needed to lose weight so I got in touch with Paul knowing that I wanted to go on the Virtual Gastric Band programme. On the first session what really struck me was the passion and enthusiasm that came across from Paul. His knowledge of the programme, hypnosis and weight problems really impressed me. His approach made me feel so at ease and filled me with confidence and he really listened to what I was saying.The programme is so thorough and Paul emphasises the need for healthy, safe and long lasting weight loss success. What really impressed me is that Paul also got rid of my knee pain for me! I’d been suffering with progressive knee pain for many years which prevented me from doing as much exercise as I would like, but somehow the pain disappeared after the first session, I still don’t know how he did it!
After a few weeks I went back for the fourth session. Paul recognised that I’d been on high dose steroid inhalers for asthma / breathing problems for more years than I care to imagine and the steroids would be affecting my metabolism and the hunger signals from my stomach. After the fourth session I never needed to use the inhalers again! I just woke up the next day breathing normally, I was told that I would need inhalers the rest of my life but obviously that information was incorrect!
I can’t thank Paul enough for all that he has done for me. I’m losing weight, have no knee pain and I’m off my inhalers. Pauls knowledge extends beyond hypnosis and this, coupled with his friendly and professional approach makes me understand how he gets results where others have failed.
I cannot recommend Paul highly enough!

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