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How hypnosis can heal your subconscious


The subconscious mind is a fascinating thing. According to Freud, it’s where feelings, thoughts, memories and urges dwell outside of one’s conscious awareness. Much of our subconscious holds unpleasant or unacceptable contents like anxiety, pain, disgrace, conflict and other negative feelings. It’s always where we store tragic, painful or traumatic experiences we try to forget, but seem to seep through to our conscious selves wreaking havoc on other parts of our lives.

For those having trouble with certain things in their lives they might find hypnosis to be helpful, which allows them to recall past experiences that their conscious repressed to find the root of their problem. These buried memories can affect our daily lives and impact on we live, which is why it’s important to recall them in order to move on from them. Hypnosis gets these experiences or memories from a person’s subconscious mind so that they can analyze the role they play in everyday life.

Labelled Hypnotic Regression, a person under hypnosis is placed in a trance so that they can recall memories, experiences or material from deep down inside their subconscious that would not normally be able to be recalled by their conscious mind. Since our mind filters out certain memories and experiences from normal memory, we can’t store everything that happens to us in our conscious mind. With hypnosis, your mind can travel easier across time to pinpoint a certain memory and how it affected you. A trained and certified hypnotist will guide your mind back to a particular time in your life that needs to be re-examined. Once exposed, you can work through these experiences so that you can get past the pain, anxiety or event and live a normal life again. To take your mind back across the dimension of time, a hypnotist will have you recall events that would not have normally been remembered if you were awake.

So why does our brain bury some memories and not others? According to Freud, our mind is made up of various levels of awareness. He created the analogy for better understanding of this by relating it to an iceberg, with the deepest subconscious sphere underneath the ocean’s surface out of sight. Our brain has done this so that what’s in our awareness is what’s needed in the present. Otherwise, we’d have so much stuff in our conscious mind that we wouldn’t know what to do with it all.

Regression using hypnosis helps us recall events that are hiding in deeper parts of our mind. These memories are usually unpleasant, embarrassing, painful or hard to deal with, which is why our mind placed them deep inside our mind. When you’re in a trance, you’re opening the door of your subconscious to help find the conflicted memories that are eating at you from the inside so that you can heal. You’ll be given new insights on the inner workings of your mind and what really happened to you at a specific point in your life. Since you’re very vulnerable during a trance, it’s important that you use a skilled professional who knows how to extract these delicate memories without planting false memories into your mind.

Once extracted, these memories no longer rob you of living your life and progressing into the future. You can heal and move on from the past with more hypnosis and therapy depending on what your subconscious mind has been hiding all this time.

So if you’ve experienced any problems in your life and have tried to resolve them to no avail, it might be time to dig deeper with hypnosis to find out what’s hiding in your subconscious mind.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”

Sigmund Freud

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