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Working with me Online!

So what’s it like working with me online?

Well, let me say, for many years I avoided it because I thought it wouldn’t be as effective as working face to face. Recent events have been challenging for those in face to face professions so have made me expand my thinking on the subject. I’m very pleasantly surprised and pleased to say that results are the same and, in some cases, better! My last online client said “It’s just like having your voice injected into my head!”.

As you can see from the above picture, you’re not staring up my nose from the laptop camera. I’m mobile, expressive and able to give the same service as if you were sitting in the chair opposite me! The added benefit is that you are in the comfort of your own home. This is especially useful for those that suffer with travel anxiety or a phobia related to small or big spaces.

Benefits of Online Therapy:

Accessibility: Those residing in rural areas or poor transport links can access the therapy they need.

Convenience: Those with tight schedules or in a position of being carers can minimise disruption to their lives by simply logging on and starting.

Social Stigma: If you feel uncomfortable at the thought of people knowing you’re having therapy then online is ideal!

Comfort: You are in familiar surroundings so you will feel more comfortable and safe.

Setting the Scene:

Please ensure that, for a successful and flowing meeting, the following are considered:

That we won’t be disturbed.
Phones are off or on silent.
No deliveries are booked to turn up!
No other programs open that will ping with alerts
Laptop battery plugged in
That the sun doesn’t interfere with the lighting
That a drink and tissues are handy if needed
That headphones are worn to reduce background noise, not essential, but some clients find this beneficial
Ideally be in front of a laptop/monitor and not holding a phone.
So I hope, like me, you have been converted and see the benefits of working online. I think it’s a fantastic way of working that has so many benefits and can really help people move forward in their lives.
Please drop me a line for an informal chat to see how you can be helped with achieving you goals.


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