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Some positive experiences of me having Hypnotherapy are that right from our first session, I have slept so much better, I wake feeling refreshed, not as sluggish or tired all the time.
I feel I have spoken about and started to deal with things I didn’t realise were an issue and am starting to clear my head.
I leave each and every session feeling positive and optimistic.
My health is making improvements, from having regular (I am talking weekly) problems, such as Shingles, Impetigo and Ear, Nose and Throat problems, which I believe are stress related. I have now gone months, dealing with very stressful situations, without any sign of these occurring.
My skin is making slow improvements, but overall my outlook on my skin, body and life has become so much more positive.
I never knew what to expect when Hypnotherapy was suggested to me, but I am so glad I did it

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