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Ok, so me being a total skeptic . . .  I was petrified of even the mere thought of being hypnotised UNTIL I met Paul!! It had never entered my head, especially being brought up in a devout religious household!! This was a big No No! Reaching the ripe old age of 32 (!) I decided I needed to take control and seek out alternative ways of healing other than pills that the doctors are happy to continue to shove down your throat!
Paul’s name was brought up in conversation with my PT and after a bit of gentle persuasion, I had a long chat with Paul on the phone . . This led to booking THE appointment.
Meeting Paul for the first time was a bit of a scary thought…but once we began talking, Paul quickly put my mind at rest about the whole “stage hypnosis” thing that I had in my mind and assured me that this is NOT what he does.. I relaxed once I realised I was not going to walk out of his room barking like a dog or dancing like a chicken, I felt so comfortable and the first time I sat in the big comfy chair, I knew this was a great decision! This led to an awesome first session where I realised that I was in TOTAL control of my mind and my actions and that ‘being under’ was in no way scary or weird . . . It felt like I was at one with myself and I was in my own secret world that nobody else could enter . . . Here I could sort out problems, heal the pain from the past and move forward in a strong and positive manner.
I had two more sessions with Paul after my initial one and felt just as fantastic as I did after the first . . . Paul’s approach is calm, accurate and he definitely knows his stuff!! He is a highly intelligent, skilled hypnotherapist with a good sense of humour (always needed) which led to some thought provoking conversations.
So, If you are reading this because you are not sure… Heed my advice.. Just give it a go… One session, it’s worth it’s weight in gold, believe me, the skeptic!! You won’t look back.
Thank you Paul for believing in me, trying new approaches, working with me and gently guiding me through my own mindful journey!! I will be back to conquer my fear of flying very soon!! In July!

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