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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

People want to lose weight for many reasons. Health, relationships, business, family, fitness and finance are just a few of these reasons.

The bottom line is you’re reading this because you know the fad diets don’t work and you’re either eating too much food or too much of the WRONG food. The worst thing is, you can’t stop. Well, I’m here to say you CAN stop. With my help we’ll have you on the road to the body you want.

If you consider yourself as being overweight then it is because you’ve acquired a set of bad habits and a poor relationship with food. When we were born we had the perfect weight management system, we ate until the signal from our stomach said STOP and we were only hungry when our body required nutrition. Over the years we learnt to ignore the “full” signal from our stomach due to learnt bad habits. My methods teach you and your body GOOD habits and to re-learn the “full” signal and also teach you about your responsibility in keeping the weight off.

You’ll be delighted to also know that as food isn’t the problem I won’t and don’t make you focus on it, day in and day out, like the diets out there do. You see, if food was the problem then it would, rather rudely and without warning, jump into your mouth and make you eat it, but it doesn’t, which is why diets don’t work as they aren’t focusing on the problem. The problem is the choices you make, mostly at a subconscious level, which direct your focus towards food. This is the precise area we attack and get your subconscious to start a new behaviour which has positive results for you and your weight loss.

Weight Loss with Mind Success – What you Get

Having helped literally hundreds of people lose weight I’ve noticed a running theme that the connection between the mind and stomach is either lost or habitual behaviours/survival mechanisms prevent achieving a healthy relationship with food.

You may be new to trying to lose weight or are realising that diets aren’t the answer and need something with a proven track record of working! You might have even woken up one day and realised that those little snacks over the years DO have an effect on you! The structure of how I work goes like this:

  • Dealing with and removing of habits and cravings
  • Understanding how blood glucose levels effects fat storage
  • Foods that create blood sugar spikes
  • Benefits of exercise on fat burning
  • Understanding of Glycemic Index
  • Advice on not under-eating
  • The role of hormones in weight loss
  • Changing unhelpful behaviours around food
  • Creating new ways of dealing with current/past problems that make you resort to food
  • Banishing comfort eating
  • Portion control
  • Improved resilience to deal with life!
  • Techniques for use at home
  • Enjoy being you again!

Want to lose weight in the comfort of your own home? Check out my online Virtual Gastric Band and Slim for Success programme, links below!

NOW is the right time to lose weight, you deserve it. Lets get you to be you again.



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