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I had been a smoker for many, many years. Since Christmas, however, the addiction had become heavier . . .  I had tried to give up on numerous occasions, and even though I did throughout each of my pregnancies it was because i was doing it for someone else!! I never seemed to have the willpower to stop for my own benefit!! When i met Paul i explained all this and just how badly I did want to stop. I had the pleasure and privilege to be hypnotised by Paul last Monday, and I am delighted to be able to say that i am now a non smoker :)!!!!! I have always been quite sceptical of hypnosis, but Paul made the session easy and relaxing and I felt confident almost straight away that he was going to succeed!! To go from 15+ ciggies a day to zero makes me feel so proud and happy, not to mention healthier! Not only has he helped me with that addiction, but he has also cured me of my ridiculous fear of elastic bands after a session last night!! A silly fear that has plagued my life for years has finally gone, and its thanks to you Paul 🙂 . . . I am more than grateful!! There are also a couple of other fears that I have told him about that he will be helping me get over soon too!! Thankyou Paul . . . you know I am more than a satisfied client!!

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