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24th June 2017
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Rocket your Self-Esteem!

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This download will give you the rocket your self-esteem needs to make you feel better than ever! The better you feel about you the more effort you put into being the best you! READ MORE……….


Our self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. If you have low self-esteem you may feel:

  • like you hate or dislike yourself
  • worthless or not good enough
  • unable to make decisions or assert yourself
  • as if no-one likes you
  • you blame yourself for things that aren’t your fault
  • guilt for spending time or money on yourself
  • unable to recognise your strengths
  • undeserving of happiness
  • unable to feel / look good
  • sabotaging behaviour
  • low in confidence.

Initially your self-worth came to you as a child. You looked around you and you observed how people treated you. If you did something and you went “Oh, look at me! Aren’t I wonderful?” in some sort of way, and you didn’t get a reaction or you got a terrible, adverse reaction, you just kept lowering the score of your own self-value.

If you were loved and looked after and people thought you were wonderful, you’ve probably got a very high score. That was all it was. It was just a reflection on how you thought other people valued you, and that’s where you got your score from in the first place.

Now, the terrible thing is, although that score should’ve gradually crept up as you became an adult, once we have a belief system that we have low self-worth, we carry on with that belief. We only look for things that don’t contradict it. So we look out there and every time anybody says anything horrible, we go “yeah, that’s me.” We look inside, and “yeah, that hurts because it’s true because yeah, I am like that.” We look at all the horrible things in life.

If somebody’s nice to us we push them away, because we don’t quite like that because they’re putting a higher value on us than we do. We don’t understand that, and we push them away and push them away and push them away, and eventually they disappear, running and screaming. And we go “I knew they didn’t like me!” They did. They did. You just stopped them from liking you.

So if you don’t change that self-value, you’re going to carry on for the rest of your life being ruled by a parameter you probably installed when you were much younger. That’s a horrifying thing. Your quality of life is destroyed by some decision you made about you before you knew who you really were.

This two part download is designed to change the messages that you received when you were younger and install a new, positive programme of the highest self-value so you start to treat your body and mind with the respect and love it deserves! Your mind is put into that same learning mode that you were in when you learnt the negative views of yourself and then updated with the new positive behaviour so you can really be the best you and look in the mirror and smile! When you are filled with positivity you also strive for more happiness in your life and to start meeting your own dreams and ideas as new realities, so what are you waiting for? Buy today and lets see the real you!

1 review for Rocket your Self-Esteem!

  1. Susie

    I listen to the downloads to help remind me that I’m worth having a happy life and to go out and be positive about me, they really help!

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