Hypnotherapy for Anger

Hypnotherapy for Anger ManagementHypnotherapy for Anger Management

Anger can be a useful motivator to get things done. There’s probably been times in your life when anger has made you do something positive, that’s healthy anger. Healthy anger is when you are fed up of something and become so frustrated that you decide to do something about it, this could be a job, relationship, behaviour or others. Unhealthy anger is when you are consumed by it and feel capable of hurting yourself or others without thought of consequences. It’s a destructive, rather than constructive, state.

Quite often the anger isn’t the primary emotion. It’s often protecting a more vulnerable element of your being or a sense of injustice. It is useful to resolve the underlying reason for the anger as the anger will often then fade away.

The past holds the answer for many people. Repressed anger from childhood stays with us and we end up taking it out on the innocent people of the present because of unresolved past issues.

There has even been a connection between anger and breast cancer, check this article out from Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/the-forgiving-life/201709/anger-and-cancer-is-there-relationship

Unresolved anger is like rot, it will slowly eat away at you and create disturbances in your body and life. It takes a lot of energy to be angry and can result in lethargy, hopelessness, lack of energy, eating orders and depression. We only have so much energy to give so if you’re giving it to anger, who are you not giving good energy to? Yourself, partner, family?

Hypnotherapy for anger management can help by looking for the cause of the anger and allowing it to be processed properly so the body isn’t holding on to it, therefore allowing you to embrace the positive emotions that you are capable of to lead a happy and rewarding life!