Event – Hypnosis 101

Meet Paul at The Assembly House

Meet Paul at The Assembly House

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Saturday 3rd June 2018
The Assembly House – Norwich. Venue can be subject to change.
Limited numbers for the greater learning experience!

Was £125! Now on offer with limited spaces at £97!

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Come and join me on a journey of empowering and educational workshops and diplomas! From one day workshops where you will learn how to be a hypnotist and help change the lives of the people around you to empowering workshops in weight loss and diplomas in Medical Hypnosis.

The training I offer is based around my desire to educate and empower. To educate is to show you how powerful and life changing hypnosis and mind changing strategies are and to empower is to give you the strength and confidence to help those around you with the skills you WILL learn!

I will demystify this great and powerful art and break it down in ways that will change your life, whether you want to learn a new skill, add to your existing skills, build your confidence, help those near and dear to you or enhance your existing therapeutic practice.

Please note: I do not teach stage hypnosis or anything that humiliates your prospective audience: if you want this there are many schools out there that will teach this, but not here, I’m about empowerment and education.

Workshop – Hypnosis 101

An amazing one day workshop with a healthy mix of theory and practical designed to give you a new life skill!

Whether you are looking to use rapid hypnosis techniques for fun, therapy or personal development this is the ideal course for you to gain experience and insight with instant hypnosis and rapid induction techniques and a whole day of learning and practice! You WILL be hypnotising people! If you see clients for motivational or fitness training then you will definitely be able to enhance your sessions with these techniques!

Whether you are new to hypnosis, a little curious, already have some knowledge or even a seasoned professional you will learn new skills so all abilities are welcome.

You should book a place on this course if you want to easily, quickly and confidently hypnotise at any time or place. How amazing would it be to be at an airport and know the skills to help a fellow passenger conquer their flight phobia!

What you will learn:

  • 6 Rapid induction techniques tried and tested from pubs to clinic rooms
  • Deepening techniques for lasting change work
  • Hypnotic convincers – so you and your volunteer know you’re doing hypnosis!
  • Hypnotic phenomena
  • How to deliver hypnotic suggestions
  • Techniques for rapid change to help with confidence, fears, phobias and much more
  • The importance of being ethical
  • The REAL language of the subconscious!

You will also get:

  • A printed manual to take away with you
  • A certificate from Mind Success Academy

Was £125! Now on offer with limited spaces at £97!

Dates for your diary

March SOLD OUT quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Next date:

Saturday 3rd June
The Assembly House – Norwich. Venue can be subject to change.
Limited numbers for the greater learning experience!

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