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Your Life Unlimited!

Join us for this incredible one day workshop where we will deliver anxiety busting techniques, boost your self-worth and give you the keys to creating your fate!

During this day we will spend the morning presenting on anxiety and going through different ways to feel calmer and get more out of life by embracing opportunities and seeing your new world from a position of freedom!

The afternoon we will look at why you don’t feel good enough and why this ISN’T your fault, but it IS your responsibility to change it! SO often we become slaves to the routine of life, we allow the routines to control us to a point of just going through the motions of anxiety and low self-worth. Well, guess what, it’s time to become the MASTER of your destiny and not a SLAVE to the predictability of the past. Your future is like a book, its waiting to be written, isn’t about time your become the author and not a reader?

On this workshop you will learn strategies and techniques to master your life and choose the way you think and feel. You will come away with a new mindset that you are the creator of your life!

About Paul:

Paul is a highly experienced and accomplished therapist who works in Norwich and Harley St, London. He specialises in self-improvement for his clients and helping people out of the shackles of the past and into the freedom and limitless potential of the future! He uses a mixture of hypnosis, psychotherapy, science, meditation and even the basics of quantum mechanics in his work!

About Bev:

Bev is an international trainer in hypnosis and brings her enthusiasm for helping her clients to achieve greatness into the workshops that she regularly holds across the country. She is author of a popular self-help book on anxiety and brings all that experience to this workshop. Her style is to use an array of methods to help understand her clients needs and introduce them to a new way of thinking that allows them to take control of their lives, thoughts and feelings.

Cost: £99

This is the launch price of the workshop. The full price will be £150 for future workshops.


Lynford Hall Hotel
IP26 5HW

About Lynford Hall:

“Lynford Hall Hotel is a spectacular mansion with a beautiful location in the heart of Thetford Forest in Norfolk, among lakes, parkland and thousands of acres of forest.

The Jacobean-style Grade II listed mansion was constructed between 1857 and 1862 to replace a former hall built in 1720. Its beautiful landscaped gardens overlook Lynford Lake.

Lynford Hall Hotel is a prime East Anglian wedding and business location. The popular TV series ‘Allo,Allo’, ‘Dads Army’ and ‘You Rang My Lord’ have been filmed here.”

Gallery image of this property

Gallery image of this property