9th March 2017
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Your Behaviour is not your Own!

So where did it go wrong? Are we really everything of who we are? Did we have a choice in our current behaviours, good or bad? […]
9th April 2017
Hypnotherapy Norwich London Mind Success

The Masks we Wear

Everyone wears a mask, either to protect themselves from society or to protect society from themselves. How many people hide misery and pain behind a smile […]
14th November 2017
Mind gut connection

The Link between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about how your gut health affects more than your digestive system. In fact, more and more studies have found that […]
13th January 2019

Autism – A disorder?

We live in a world governed by pack mentality. If you’re not with us then you’re against us, if you’re not in the group you’re out […]
17th September 2019
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Introduction to Paul Gibson…

30th September 2019
Top hypnotherapist Norwich

Achievement of being Top 3 Hypnotherapist!

I am so pleased to be awarded the accolade of “Top 3 Hypnotherapists in Norwich”. It is a reward for the dedication, enthusiasm, persistent drive for […]
24th December 2019

2020 – What are you going to do differently?

So we’re nearly into 2020. Is this the year of creating something new or getting stuck in the routine of the previous years?