Are you thinking yourself ill?

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22nd April 2020
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Are you thinking yourself ill?

Are you thinking yourself ill?

Our bodies are incredibly adaptive biomachines that, when at a balance of emotional, psychological and physical balance we can run at optimum health. At Mind Success, I understand this.

The problem?

Modern life doesn’t allow for us to maintain this perfect balance. On a daily basis there are worries such as paying the mortgage, feeding the kids, making sure there’s enough money to warm the house, getting bullied, being in an unhealthy relationship, making sure the kids are ok, having to go to a job you hate to barely make ends meet, having deadlines that never seem to be met and the list goes on.

This daily stress and worry releases stress hormones, mainly cortisol, into the body. Now, cortisol is your friend in a situation where you need to run away or face up to danger as it gets your body ready for action. The problem arises when cortisol is fed into the body on a daily basis with the worries as above and yet no physical action is happening to release it. Many of our systems in our body are supressed when cortisol is present as the priority is immediate survival. Here are a few examples:

Circulatory System

Increased heart rate leads to a strain on the heart and vessels surrounding it. This can lead to hypertension and is a major risk factor in heart disease.

Digestive System

Digestion isn’t required for survival action so problems arise such as IBS, inflammation, constipation or loose stools, and lack of appetite. After the stress response the appetite is increased due to the body requesting more energy in case needed for the ongoing stressors.

Reproductive System

Reproductive hormones are required for successful fertility. Stress hormones inhibit the release of sex hormones so subsequently suppresses sperm count, ovulation and sexual activity. The chances of getting pregnant if one or both partners are stressed is drastically reduced. Also, if a mother is experiencing daily stress then cortisol is found in the placenta whilst carrying child and the chances of that child having ADHD at 7/8 years old are drastically increased as well as being more prone to addiction in later life.

Immune System

The immune system moves through the body in the bloodstream, it is a collection of billions of cells that move through the tissues and organs and fight off foreign invaders. Stress hormones suppress immune function and inhibits its ability to fight colds, viruses, bacteria etc. It inhibits a certain kind of immune cell called ‘Natural Killer’ cells which are prominent in killing cancerous cells.

If you feel that this resonates with how you are feeling then get in contact me as I will be able to talk to you about the way forward to get your body systems back in balance again.

On top of the existing problems we also have to contend with patterns of the past. Unprocessed experiences effect the present in such a way that we get abnormally stressed in a normal environment. If you have unresolved traumatic experiences in your past then your body remembers it and goes into autopilot in a triggering environment. This happens out of conscious awareness but the stress system is still activated.

What we are discovering now is that certain diseases have a personality type. A lot of research has gone in to this to discover that people who can’t say no, rather than stand up for their authentic self-expression, are more prone to disease than those who are true to their desires. Breast cancer is highly correlated with repressed anger, researchers from the University of Rochester and Harvard School of Public Health found that people who suppress anger have a 70 percent higher risk of dying from cancer. Repressed emotions are linked to auto-immune dysfunction. Doctors look for the physical cause of disease but the answer may lay in the unresolved emotional system. In another study researchers analysed more than 100,000 people diagnosed with stress-related disorders and compared their tendency to develop autoimmune disease at least one year later, the study found that were more likely to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and multiple ones at that.

I’m trained to recognise unresolved past conflicts that are creating repression of emotions and preventing you from reaching the goals you so richly deserve in your life.

So, this is what chronic stress does to the body and most of the time we’re not consciously aware of it. We have an ‘autopilot’ function that allows us to think about daily and weekly functions of our lives. To remember meetings with friends, that we have to go to work, to look after our families is a conscious thing but away from our conscious mind is this autopilot that takes all of our experiences, resources and learnings from life and uses them to construct the present and how we react to the present environment. We don’t consciously choose stress; our autopilot creates it. Now, the good news is that this autopilot is programmable! We are designed to adapt and I can work with you to help reprogram your autopilot so you can be calmer and more emotionally resourced to enable you to think yourself healthy, not ill!

If any of the above resonates with you, if you get ill to frequently, over-react to situations, find yourself constantly worrying, stressing about things you can’t change then please get in touch. I have experience in helping you feel like you can deal with life again!



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