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Your Behaviour is not your Own!
9th March 2017
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Weight loss? Money loss

Just after Christmas is one of the most frustrating times of year for me as all the diet programmes and products that are designed to fail are spilled into our lives just like rubbish spilt across a street.

Wait, what am I saying, designed to fail? What kind of people/companies would design a product knowing it fails. Well I could list a whole page of brands that sell cheat, whoops, I meant cheap, diet milkshakes, diets that aren’t long term maintainable, programmes which create reliance and financial dependency and the list goes on. The funny thing is, if they worked then obesity wouldn’t be at its highest since records begin and obesity related illnesses would be on the decline. They don’t work though. Statistically 95% of people who go on diets will not only put the weight back on but a little extra will be added for interest. So what we have here is a multi-billion pound business with a 5% success rate, it’s amazing what marketing can do!

Be very wary of any programme that has an expiry date, such as The 12 Week Challenge, The 90 Plan, Change your Life in 8 Weeks. Yes, these programmes sometimes work but ONLY for the duration of the programme, after the time period has ended you’re back at square one or buying the ‘add ons’ at ongoing monthly expense to you. These programmes aren’t maintainable and the creators know this which is why they have an expiry date, they just don’t fit into our lives long term and inevitably lead us down the road of disappointment and punches our confidence in the face,

All the focus is on the food. What food, when, how, must weigh yourself, must have green/orange/blue days, x number of points etc etc. ALL the focus is on what you want to think less off, now can you see why they fail? If an alcoholic called me up and asked for help and I said I’ll make him focus on alcohol EVERY day then is he going to think this is a good idea? Of course not!

Food doesn’t make us eat it, it doesn’t kidnap us and hold us hostage until we eat it so why are we concentrating on it? What we need to focus on is the URGE to eat the food. It’s that urge which decides what we eat, when we eat it and to keep eating it. Unless the urge is dealt with then the choice, long term, will never be yours. Most people know what is required to lose weight but the urge makes the choice to do the opposite. The urge often has a connection to a deeper thought process in our minds, such as unmet needs, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, lack of self-belief and any number of behaviours/emotions that are expressed outside of conscious awareness.

To give you back the choice and enable you to have the POWER to keep making the right choices for weight loss I have designed two programmes which will help you change your behaviour and your urges so you can make the RIGHT choice for you to not only lose weight, but to feel stronger, healthier and happier.

No diets, no milkshakes, no expiry dates. Just changing the behaviour of eating to gain weight to eating to lose weight.

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